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None | 23rd Jan. 2020

Pick up a Pen This National Handwriting Day!

January 23rd is recognised as National Handwriting Day. Organised by the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association, this celebration is aimed at encouraging people of all ages to pick up a pen and appreciate their own penmanship.

In the era of emojis, young people are now more likely to tap out a text than scribble down a sentence! While the immediacy of virtual communication should be celebrated, children should also be encouraged to practise their handwriting.

Learning to write is one of a child’s greatest educational development milestones. Without legible handwriting, pupils can miss out on opportunities to learn and are more likely to suffer academically. When children practise refining their handwriting they are also training their ability to focus their ideas and creativity.

This National Handwriting Day, we hope you are inspired to re-explore the emotional power of writing on paper. Creativity and imagination are key to learning at Tregoze Primary School, which is why we’re proud to continue emphasising the joy of literacy.

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